How to survive an avalanche

If you're caught, don't give up. Yell to your partners. Throw off equipment, pack, skis, anything and everything you can get rid of. At the start, grab a rock or tree, or stab your axe or ski pole into the underlying snow, and hold on. Try to stop before you're swept away. If that doesn't work, swim. Stay on the surface by using swimming motions, flailing arms and legs, or by rolling.

Close your mouth if your head goes below the surface. As the snow slows, try to stand up if your feet are below you. If you are buried, try to make a breathing space by putting your elbow or hand in front of your face. Inhale deeply before the snow stops, in order to expand your ribs. As the snow closes around you, it will become impossible to move. Don't shout or struggle. Conserve oxygen and energy. Your partners know what to do, and they have begun rescue efforts.

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