Homemade Seat Harnesses

Homemade seat harnesses are an option for linking yourself to the rope, and you can make a simple one from 22 feet of 1-inch tubular webbing. Starting about 41/2 feet from one end of the webbing, tie two leg loops in the webbing using overhand loops. Make the loops just large enough to fit

Overhand loops

Overhand loops

Improvised Seat Harness


Fig. 6-29. Homemade seat harness


Fig. 6-29. Homemade seat harness over your clothing, and leave about a 6-inch bridge between the loops. Once tied, leave the loops in place. That completes construction of the harness. To wear it, step into the leg loops and wrap the webbing as shown in the accompanying illustration (fig. 6-29). Use a square knot, water knot, or double sheet bend to tie off the harness, then secure the ends with overhand knots.

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