Group Gear


Expedition-quality tent I | Snow stakes and/or tent flukes I] Sponge and whisk broom I | Snow shelter construction tools: large snow shovel (for moving lots of snow); small snow shovel (for delicate trimming); snow saw (for cutting blocks)

Group climbing gear

I I Hardware: snow and ice gear (pickets, flukes, ice screws); rock gear (pitons, spring-loaded camming devices, chocks); carabiners; runners; fixed line; extra climbing equipment (spare ice axe or tool, spare crampons)


I I Stove gear: stove; wind screen and stove pad; fuel containers and fuel filter; matches and/or butane lighters

□ Cook gear: pots; pot gnpper, sponge/scrubber; dip cup and cooking spoon; snow sack

Repair kit

□ Tent repair kit (pole splices, spare pole) I I Stove repair kit

I I Crampon repair kit (extra screw, connecting bars, straps)

□ Tape (duct, filament, ripstop fabric repair tape) I I Tools (standard, Phillips, and Allen screwdrivers, small pliers, small wire cutter/shear) I I Sewing kit: assorted needles and thread; assorted buttons, snaps, buckles, and "D" rings; Velcro (hook and rug); fabric (cordura, ripstop); flat webbing I I Miscellaneous: extra ski pole basket; wire and cord

First-aid kit

I | Most expeditions will have a comprehensive group first-aid kit. In addition to the normal first-aid items, the kit should include the following drugs, plus others recommended by a physician.

I I Prescription drugs. This will vary with the destination but should include antibiotics, strong analgesics, anti-diarrhetic, laxatives, and altitude medication (Diamox, dexamethasone).

I I Non-prescription drugs. This will vary with the destination but should include a cough suppressant, decongestant, and mild analgesic (aspirin, ibuprofen).

Miscellaneous group gear

Altimeter and compass

□ Radio transceiver

I I Latrine equipment (plastic sacks, rubber gloves)

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