Exchanging Placements On A Small Hold

Sometimes you need to move one foot onto a small hold already occupied by the other foot, or one hand onto a hold being used by the other hand. Either move can be made several different ways.

To exchange a foot placement, you can make an intermediate move, using a poorer, even marginal hold to get the one foot off the good hold long enough for the other one to take it over. And there's the hop, in which you hop off the hold as you replace one foot with the other.

You can also try sharing the hold by matching feet, moving one foot to the very edge of the hold to make enough room for the other. Another technique is the crossover, in which you cross one foot in back of the other to occupy the far side of the

small hold

To trade hands, you can make an intermediate move, much as you might in exchanging feet. You have the option to match hands, placing both hands on the same hold. If space is limited, you can also try picking up the fingers of one hand, one finger at a time, and replacing them with the fingers of the other hand. The crossover technique also is occasionally useful.

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