Evacuation On Snow

On snow, it's particularly urgent to protect an injured person from heat loss while you give first aid and plan the evacuation. Wrap the person in

Injured Person Stretcher


17-8. Climbing rope stretcher


17-8. Climbing rope stretcher extra clothing. Use pads, packs, or ropes as insulation from the snow. If the victim cannot be moved quickly, build a trench or low wall as a temporary wind shield. Of course, if you must stay overnight, the party will put up a tent or dig a snow cave.

If possible, move the victim to a sheltered location, preferably below timberline. Do this as soon as you have given first aid and prepared the person for travel.

An ill or injured climber may be able to get down a snow slope by using some form of assisted sitting glissade. Sometimes the climber can be lowered in a sitting glissade position. Or a rescuer can sit in front of the victim, smoothing the track, the two tied together and on belay. A victim in

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