Equipment Check List

Experienced climber or not, it's easy to forget an important item in the rush to get ready for the next trip. Seasoned climbers have learned that using a check list is the only sure way to avoid an oversight. The following list is a good foundation for formulating your own personal check list. Add to or subtract from this list as you see fit, then get in the habit of checking your own list before each trip.

Items in parentheses are optional, depending on your own preference and the nature of the trip.

Items marked with an asterisk can be shared by the group.

ALL TRIPS The Ten Essentials

2. Compass

3. Flashlight/headlamp, with spare bulbs and batteries

4. Extra food

5. Extra clothing

6. Sunglasses

7. First-aid supplies

8. Pocket knife

9. Matches, in waterproof container 10. Fire starter



Socks: inner and outer

Long underwear

Pants: wool or pile

Sweater or shirt: wool or pile

Parka: wind and rain

Hats: wool, rain, sun

Mittens, gloves

Down or synthetic garments

Wind/rain pants



(Hot-weather shirt)


Rucksack Ice axe

Emergency shelter or bivy sack Water bottle/purification tablets Lunch

Sunscrecn and lip protection


Toilet paper


(Insect repellent) (Moleskin) (Nylon cord) (Altimeter) (Watch)

(Camera and film) (Binoculars) (Insulated seat pad)

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