Clove hitch

The clove hitch (figs. 6-18 and 6-22) is a quick knot for clipping into a carabiner attached to an anchor. With the clove hitch, it is easy to adjust the length of the rope between the belayer and the anchor without unclipping.

Fig. 6-20. Girth hitch b

Fig. 6—21. Overhand slip knot

Fig. 6-19. Double sheet bend

Double sheet bend

The double sheet bend (fig. 6-19) is sometimes used instead of a water knot as the tie-off knot on homemade seat harnesses because it is easier to adjust. This knot has a tendency to work loose. Tie off the loose ends with backup overhand knots.

Girth hitch, overhand slip knot, and clove hitch

Fig. 6-20. Girth hitch

The girth hitch (fig. 6-20), the overhand slip knot (fig. 6-21), and the clove hitch (fig. 6-22) are simple knots that can be used to tie off partially driven pitons or ice screws.

Clove Hitch Diagram
Fig. 6-22. Clove hitch

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