Climbing mixed terrain

If your winter goal is normally a summer rock climb, be prepared to climb in crampons. Although considerable rock may be showing, the surface could be slick with a thin veneer of snow or ice. Even more than in the summer, climb deliberately. Search for small holds or level spots on which the crampon points can rest. This mixed climbing rapidly dulls crampon points, but they should be able to withstand the abuse. Consider carrying a small file to sharpen points if difficult ice climbing is required after the mixed terrain.

An ice tool (axe or hammer) is useful even on a rock route. The tool can be placed in occasional ice or snow pockets and can even be hooked over the edge of rock holds. When it is not needed, holster the tool on your harness (be sure the tool is secured, perhaps by its own leash) or sling it between your back and the pack.

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