Becoming A Leader

Becoming a leader is a do-it-yourself project, requiring desire and initiative. The best way to become a good leader is to lead and to watch others lead, to organize informal private trips with friends on short, familiar climbs, and to gradually work up to more ambitious projects. Climb with experienced leaders and observe how they plan and how they work with their teams. Ask for assistant-leader positions on these climbs and become involved in the planning and decision-making.

Self-appraisal is a big part of becoming a good leader. Effective leaders take the time to assess their own performance, asking themselves: Did 1 do as well as I could? What went right? Why? What went wrong? Why? How could things have been improved?

Leadership brings pleasures as well as burdens. As awesome as the duty may appear, the exercise of competent leadership can become surprisingly easy if you prepare for it, fully accept the responsibility, and use common sense and good judgment to deal with rapidly changing situations.

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