Packing Light and Right

Excess weight in your pack or on your body can kill your aspirations. You will never move fast if you go by the book (even this book!) and always carry the famous "ten essentials," which, in any case, seem to vary from one authority to the next. For a given climb there may, in fact, be only three essentials: ice axe, crampons, and skill. Head lamps, water hoi-tles, helmets, harnesses, extra clothes, first-aid kits, avalanche beacons, stoves, sleeping bags, tents, spare matches, toilet paper, great literature, jumars, ladders, and the kitchen sink all have their place in the scheme of things, but if you put them al! in your pack each time you go, you won't be going far, believe me. 1 have tried it more than once. Be bold. Leave something behind and see if you miss it.

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