Tree Climbing Techniques Introduction

1. GAIN ATTENTION. During many of today's conflicts the use of aircraft is becoming increasingly important. Oftentimes pilots and their aircraft are on the leading edge of the American sword. As such they're occasionally disabled and find themselves having to bail out in a hostile or non-permissive environment. When this happens American forces will be mobilized and launch what we call a TRAP recovery force. Tactical recovery of aircraft and/or pilots is a specialized mission that may require the skills of an assault climber.

2. OVERVIEW. The purpose of this period of instruction is to introduce the student to the skills needed to accomplish a rescue of a pilot from a tree.

3. METHOD/MEDIA. The material in this lesson will be presented by lecture and demonstration. You will practice what you have learned immediately after this period of instruction. Those of you with IRF's please fill them out at the conclusion of this period of instruction.

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