Questions To The Class

Qj What are the two safety requirements for balance climbing?

A (1) Never climb higher than 10 feet above the ground. (2) A spotter is required for all balance climbs.

Q. Name five types of holds?

Q| What is the meaning of the acronym "CASHWORTH"?

0j C - Conserve energy. A - Always test holds. S - Stand upright on flexed joints. H - Hands kept low. W - Watch your feet. O - On three points of contact. R - Rhythmic movement. T - Think ahead. H - Heels kept low.


During this period of instruction, we have talked about what balance climbing is, the safety precautions that must be used in balance climbing, the proper body position and the acronym "CASHWORTH". We have also discussed different types of holds and the duties of both the climber and the spotter.

b Those of you with IRF's please fill them out at this time and turn them into the instructor. We will now take a short break.

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