Q Min Vertical Hauling Line

9 Purpose. The purpose of a vertical hauling line is to move equipment and troops over steep, rocky terrain.

3 Materials. The materials needed for a vertical hauling line are:

^^Two static ropes. (An additional rope is required if using a knotted hand line)

linimum of six sling ropes.

"our steel locking carabiners.

appropriate belay device. (four non-locks if using a crab brake)

^®Two rescue pulleys. (Optional - these are preferred but locking carabiners may be used.)

^^Two A-Frame poles, strong enough to support the load and tall enough to provide adequate clearance for the load.

TRANSITION: We have covered what the vertical hauling is, are there any questions? Without a proper site, building any installation in the mountains could be useless, as well as dangerous.

2 (2 Min) SITE SELECTION FOR A VERTICAL HAULING LINE. Picking the proper site is critical to the safe and efficient operation of a vertical hauling line. The site must meet the following four criteria:

a It must have a suitable top anchor.

b It must have good loading and unloading platforms.

d There must be sufficient clearance for the load at all points.

If using an A-Frame, you must be able to anchor the butt ends of the A-Frame.

TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed what is required for site selection, are there any questions? Let's take a look at the construction of a vertical hauling line using an A-Frame.

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