Q Min Establishing A Belay Stance From The Top

a The belayer will establish a sitting belay stance on the cliff head by:

^^Constructing a suitable anchor with the standing end of the rope.

^HWith the direction of pull away from the anchor, tie a directional figure 8 loop near enough to the cliff's edge so that the climber can be observed, if possible.

BfiTying a swammi Wrap around oneself, clip a locking carabiner through all the rear wraps and clip a large locking carabiner through all the front wraps.

^HSecure the rear locking carabiner into the directional figure of 8 loop.

^HSecure the running end of the rope to the large locking carabiner utilizing a suitable friction belay (i.e., munter hitch, stitch plate, etc.).

NOTE: Gloves will not be worn while belaying a climber during a top rope.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over establishing a belay stance from the top? If not, let's discuss securing the climber to the rope.

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