Q Min Equipment Needed

g| Each climber will need the following equipment. IClimbing harness,

BiMountain boots with a half or full shank if possible.


One 165 foot climbing rope per team One earth axe (short ice axe)

One alpine hammer, Northwall style ice hammer, or a heavy wall type hammer ive finger/point gripfast Twelve point crampons. ^ Sling rope BSnow stake ebar (1,2, and 3 foot lengths)

b The #2 climber will have a five point hand grapnel with at least 20 feet of knotted 7mm cord and a 165 foot knotted climbing rope.

Q Earth Ax Construction. The earth ax is a short ice ax which can be used to cut steps or hand holds. The pick can be used to gain holds in earth or rock. This should be "dummy - corded" to the climber.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the equipment needed? The next thing we will discuss is the climbing procedures.

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