Onerope Bridge


Q GAIN ATTENTION. At times in mountainous terrain, it will become necessary to cross-rivers or streams. If the obstacle is a river, it can normally be crossed by utilizing various fording techniques. If it is a ravine, you may have to rappel down one side and scramble up the other. The most expeditious technique that can be used for crossing such an obstacle, particularly where a large body of men are involved, is by the use of a man portable easily erected and dismantled rope bridge.

2 OVERVIEW. The purpose of this period of instruction is to provide the students with the necessary skills required to cross-streams using a one-rope bridge. This material will be covered by discussing site selection, how to estimate the distance to be crossed, construction, crossing techniques, rescue techniques, and retrieving the bridge. This lesson relates to mountain movement.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Have students read learning objectives.

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