Min Wearing Of The Sit Harness

9 First, disconnect the fastex buckle at the rear of the harness.

g Hold the harness in front of you, put your feet through the leg loops ensuring that the buckles on the leg loops are outboard, on your thighs.

9 Fasten the waist belt into the buckle, ensuring that it is a tight but comfortable fit. You must ensure that the waist belt is threaded back through the buckle, this action locks the waist belt to the buckle. Failure to do this will cause the waist belt to slip through the buckle when it is under load.

d Adjust the leg loops so that they are high on your thigh, once you have them adjusted, get your buddy to clip the fastex buckle male to the most comfortable female fastex. Then adjust the buttock straps so as the leg loops are held up.

9 If all the above are done correctly, the harness should now be a comfortable but snug fit, after you have fitted it for the first time there is no need to go through the same procedure each time you put it on. Simply hold the harness in front of you, step into it and attach the waist belt to the buckle in the approved manner.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the wearing of the sit harness? Let's talk about tying in the rope to the sit harness.

3! Pass the end of the climbing rope up through the crotch strap, then through the doughnut and through the waist belt tie-in point.

b Tie the rope using a retraceable figure eight, adjusting the knot to get it as close as possible to the body.

How Tie Crotch RopeMale Crotch Rope

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