Min Use Of The Grapnel

A five point grapnel can be useful in steep earth climbing. With its twenty feet of knotted cord, it provides handholds where there may otherwise be none. Short, sheer faces and overhangs have fewer holds, thus providing ideal situations for grapnel use.

d To use the grapnel, the climber unwinds his grapnel line, secures it to himself, then throws it above himself over a ledge, cliff edge, or other near horizontal feature. Care must be taken to throw it to one side or the other so that if it doesn't hold it won't fall on the climber or his belayer. After the grapnel has landed, the climber pulls it slowly until it is securely caught.

3 The climber now climbs up the difficult section, assisted by the grapnel line, keeping the pull steadily down. Changing to a palms down grip at the top will help to keep the grapnel in place.

3 Once at the top, the climber checks the security of the grapnel and changes its position if necessary. He then establishes a belay and belays the second climber up. The second climber uses the grapnel line as necessary.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the use of the grapnel? Let's now discuss what the troops on the top and bottom will do.

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