Min Operation Of The Vertical Hauling Line

a. Personnel or equipment are secured to the hauling line and raised or lowered by a team of Marines pulling on the rope, or belaying it down.

^^If equipment and personnel are only being lowered, the hauling line can be used from the top with the same belay used with the SUSPENSION TRAVERSE.

^^If equipment is being raised from the bottom, an endless rope is the most efficient hauling line.

arines and equipment being raised or lowered will load and unload through the center of the A-Frame, not to the sides.

ule Team. If equipment and personnel can be raised from the top of the cliff, a mule team can be used there. To establish a mule team, the hauling line is run through a pulley or carabiner (preferably a pulley) at the anchor point behind the system. The line is then led away at about a 90-degree angle to a cleared area. A safety line should be attached to the hauling line to prevent the load from falling if the hauling line is dropped by the mule team. This is done with an autoblock/French prusik on the carabiner or pulley on the anchor. A group of six men, (mule team) assemble on this rope on the side of the rope away from the cliff or outside the bight of the rope if on the bottom. They will haul personnel and supplies up the cliff by grasping the rope and simply walking away with it. One man monitors the auto block to ensure it does not run through the 85 carabiner (He will not wear gloves). If the mule team looses control of the line the safety man will let go of the autoblock. The mule team responds to a single commander by using the following verbal/hand and arm signals.

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