Min Duties Once On Top

H Security

H^The first man up makes a hasty recon of the area before belaying up the other climber.

^^Once the lead climber has conducted a hasty recon, he starts setting up the knotted hand line at a suitable climbing site for a fixed rope while the #2 climber provides security.

b The site selected should be as follows:

HfiGood natural anchors, these may have to be multiple small shrubs or bush type anchors.

^^Artificial anchors, i.e. gripfast, pickets, deadmen, and chocks. ^gMake sure the rope reaches the bottom. ^gMinimum of loose rocks and dirt. Q Knotted hand line should be pre-knotted to save time and brought up by the #2 climber. d 180 degree security is set up as Marines reach the top. a Assault leader and automatic weapons teams will go up first.

f The assistant leader and automatic weapon team will be the last to come up as the 180 degree security on the bottom gets smaller.

g. The ropes are pulled up and coiled once everyone is on top.

h. All evidence such as anchors, indentations or rope marks on the edge of the dirt are removed.

9 Area is policed of any other evidence.

TRANSITION: Now that we have covered the duties of the Marines on the top and bottom, are there any questions? Steep earth is a vertical obstacle. To effectively move troops over the obstacle, the same principles can be used on a cliff assault. If there are no questions for me, then I have some for you.


a. The students will climb steep earth. PROVIDE HELP (CONC)

H The instructors will assist the students when necessary.

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