Min Construction And Operation Of A Brakingbelay Device

a Because the A-Frame/vertical handing line can be a very strong, sturdy system, we often put heavy loads on it. When working with heavy loads, a braking/belay device that generates a great deal of friction is required. The most commonly used device for this purpose is the Carabiner Brake or Crab. The equipment needed is as follows:

"our steel locking 82's or aluminum non-lock carabiners.

^^One steel locking carabiner (large D).

3 Construction.

HElnsert one large steel carabiner into the anchor with the gate up.

^Hlnsert two small carabiners with gates facing to the right into the one large steel locking carabiners.

^ßPull up a bight of rope and insert it through the two small carabiners.

HfiClip two more small carabiners with the gate facing down and to the right into and through the first two small carabiners.

NOTE: All directions apply while facing the anchor.

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