Min Constructing An Aframe

Place two sturdy poles of approximately the same length side by side, ensuring that the butt ends are flush together.

3 Take a sling rope and come down 18 inches from the top of the shortest pole leaving an 18 inch pigtail extended. Next, tie a clove hitch ensuring that the 18 inch pigtail is toward the top of the pole and the locking bars of the clove hitch are to the outside.

Wrap the sling rope 6-8 times horizontally around both poles, hitch down toward the butt ends.

knot must be on the side of one of the poles so it will not interfere with the vertical wraps.

3 Wrap 4-6 times vertically between the poles and around the horizontal wraps.

3 Tie off the sling by using the 18 inch pigtail that extends from the clove hitch; tie it off by using a square knot. The square knot should be so tight that the overhands will be tied on the pigtails themselves.

The square knot should not be tied on the inside of the apex.

f Spreader Rope (Bar)

with two overhand knots. Make sure the ropes are joined in the middle of the AFrame.

with two overhand knots. Make sure the ropes are joined in the middle of the AFrame.

NOTE: During testing two sling ropes will be used for the spreader bar.

^^Adjustment can be made to either side when needed.

H Anchoring the Butt Ends of the A-Frame

HfiPlace the butt ends of the A-Frame poles into natural or manmade pockets.

^gUse natural or artificial anchors to prevent the butt ends from moving. In order to keep the butt ends in place, additional anchors may be necessary along with anchoring the A-Frame at the middle and bottom. This is done with sling ropes in order to keep the A-Frame stationary. A clove hitch and two half hitches or a round turn and two half hitches are tied to the A-Frame and normal anchor knots are used on the anchors.

h| Anchoring and tying-off the A-Frame.

HfiThe top part of the A-frame (the Apex) is normally anchored off. There are a few different techniques used in anchoring off the A-frame. The installation being used will dictate how it is to be anchored. (This will be discussed later in VERTICAL HAULING LINES and SUSPENSION AND TRAVERSE)

9 Task organization for the A-Frame. To construct the A-Frame quicker and more efficiently, separate tasks can be assigned to different individuals. The following tasks should be assigned:

n^One individual will tie the sling ropes around the poles to form the apex.

^BWhile the apex is being tied another individual should be constructing the anchor. After the spreader bar is completed, this individual will anchor down the A-Frame.

|Once the poles are spread, a third Marine should tie the spreader bar. Ensure the spreader bar is not tied over the anchor line.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the construction of the A-Frame? If there are no questions, we'll go over how to gain height using a tree branch.

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