Min Considerations For Night Party Climbing And Gear Silencing

U Try to get eyes on the cliff and complete a cliff sketch before nightfall in order to study the terrain and probable route.

b| All considerations for party climbing apply at night.

9 Non-verbal commands should be applied.

d Get rid of all belay devices to reduce noise, use the Munter hitch for belaying.

S Place tape around carabiners to reduce noise, but ensure it does not interfere with gate operation.

f. If using Hexcentrics, tape the sides and ends of size 6-11 hexes to muffle the echoing effect when they bang together.

g Use 550 cord attached to the nut pick to extend it from your chest pocket.

NVG's should be used on the bottom and top of the cliff to help with accountability.

TRANSITION: Up to this point, we have talked about the dangers to avoid when selecting a route, lead climbers responsibilities, rules for placing protection, climbing commands, night party climbing, gear silencing and Fall forces. Are there any questions? If you have none for me, then I have some for you.

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