Min Care And Maintenance

a. Avoid contact with chemicals, as this will damage the nylon.

b. Regularly inspect for signs of abrasions and normal wear. Pay particular attention to wear points such as the tie-in loops, buckles, and sewn joints.

c. Keep away from heat such as open flames, cigarettes, etc.

d. If soiled by grit and sea water, wash in lukewarm water with pure soap and allow to dry in a warm room away from direct heat.

e. Two to three years of life can be expected during normal climbing use.

f. It is recommended that a harness that has experienced a serious fall should be discarded.

g. Under no circumstances will you ever tie into the equipment rack of any sit harness as a belay, anchor point, etc.

NOTE: The time to discard a harness is on a climber's own discretion.

TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed tying in and care, are there any questions? If you have none for me, then I have some for you.

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