1. GAIN ATTENTION. As in any military operation requiring special skills, such as mountaineering, some special equipment requirements particular to the mission must be covered. The Marine Corps has adopted a Marine Assault Climbers Kit (MACK) for this very reason.

2. OVERVIEW. The purpose of this period of instruction is to familiarize the students with the MACK, it's components, how to inspect for serviceability, preparing the MACK for use, and maintenance procedures.

3. METHOD/MEDIA. The material in this lesson will be presented by lecture and demonstration.

4. EVALUATION. This period of instruction has no learning objectives and students will be evaluated throughout their stay at MWTC.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the purpose, learning objectives, how the class will be taught, or how you will be evaluated? Mountain operations will present tremendous obstacles for your Marines to overcome, by preparing them with the proper gear and equipment; you will reduce the risk involved and increase your chances of success.


1. (5 Min) DESCRIPTION. The Marine Assault Climber's Kit (MACK) is a comprehensive collection of climbing equipment that enables a Marine rifle company (reinforced), approximately 200 men with organic equipment, to negotiate an average 300-foot vertical danger area. The kit contains sufficient climbing equipment to outfit four 2-man climbing teams plus the additional items necessary to supply the remainder of the Rifle Company. The climbing teams use their equipment to conduct 2-party climbs over vertical obstacles and establish various rope installations to facilitate the movement of the remainder of the company. Marines that engaged in training and combat operations in mountainous areas having rugged compartment terrain and steep slopes would use the MACK. Certain items contained in the MACK will also be used during training and combat operations in urban environments for scaling vertical obstacles such as buildings.

TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed what the MACK is, are there any questions? Let's discuss the components of the MACK.

2. (5 Min) SL-3 COMPONENTS. Four containers hold all the items contained in the MACK, and have features that facilitate the organization and accountability of MACK items. Each container protects the contents from degradation due to sunlight and moisture during storage periods of up to 5 years. The lid's interior has a permanently affixed list of the components and quantities stored within that container. Container #1 contains the climbing team equipment. Containers #2, #3 and #4 contain the company climbing equipment. A manual for care/maintenance of SL-3 components is included with each MACK. Refer to the SL-3 components list for current quantities and items (see attached appendix).

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Have students turn to MACK SL-3 components in appendix 1 and go through the list.

TRANSITION: Now that we have covered what a MACK contains, are there any questions?

Let's discuss how to keep the MACK ready to go.

3. (5 Min) SERVICEABILITY. Any item that becomes unserviceable or shows excessive signs of wear must be replaced immediately. With the exception of the rope bag and climbing rack bag, no attempt should be made to repair the components of the MACK. Any damaged or broken components should be disposed of using standard supply procedures. Replenishment procurement to the Source of Supply should be accomplished using standard MILSTRIP process. Kit components not available through the MILSTRIP process may be procured through local purchase. Minimum strengths and description are covered in the SL-3 list, any brand that meets the function, strength and description can be purchased.

TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed serviceability, let us now talk about safety.

4. (5 Min) SAFETY. A Marine NCO, SNCO or Officer who has received formal military mountaineering training must supervise any Marine using components of the MACK. This formal instruction must be provided by the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center's Summer Mountain Leader's Course. Marines with the school code M7A on their BIR/BTR are qualified. The current Summer Mountain Leader, designated by the unit commander, is responsible for inventory, periodic serviceability checks, ordering replacement items through supply officer and supervising issue and recovery of items to ensure accountability and proper storage SOPs.

TRANSITION: Now that we have covered safety, are there any questions? Let's discuss how to prepare the MACK for use.

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