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Q GAIN ATTENTION. The number of climbing sit harnesses available in the world today is quite staggering. Here at the MWTC, in co-operation with Yates Inc., we have designed a climbing sit harness that can be used for a multitude of mountaineering tasks, including two party climbing on rock or ice, rescues, rappelling, big wall climbing, and the other interests. It is one of the first harnesses made in the USA that has passed the UIAA test and is rated to 5950 lb. Further, it is a one size fits all harness.

2| OVERVIEW. The Purpose of this period of instruction is to familiarize the students with the MWTC sit harness, its component parts, how to care for it, how to put it on and adjust it for a comfortable fit, and how to tie into it.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Have students read learning objectives.

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