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Q GAIN ATTENTION. On June 6,1944, the allied forces performed one of the greatest feats in the history of warfare, an opposed landing on hostile enemy territory. Part of the plan for this landing called for elements of the United States Army to scale the cliffs above the landing beaches. This was accomplished by the use of ladders, which were transported to the cliff head on the landing craft, no one had to lug them around. But in a real mountainous environment you probably will not have this luxury. Fortunately we are accomplishing the same mission with a coil of climbing rope, and I submit to you, would you rather carry a sixty foot ladder around or a 150 foot coil of rope.

2 OVERVIEW. The purpose of this period of instruction is to introduce the student to top roping. This will be accomplished by discussing the preparations for climbing, belaying, and commands. This lesson relates to cliff assaults.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Have students read learning objectives.

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