SMO INSTRUCTOR NOTE: This class is taught outside the gym. Have a rope corral setup that is large enough for a company. You will need at least two assistants to demonstrate and help check knots.

Q| GAIN ATTENTION. Movement over mountainous terrain in a summer mountainous environment cannot always be accomplished by an individual, a party, or a unit without the use of special equipment. The trained military mountaineer soon learns the value of his rope, and what it means if that rope is either not available or has become unserviceable due to abuse. If the rope is treated properly and with care, the rope could save your life.

2 OVERVIEW. The purpose of this period of instruction is to familiarize the student with the basics of rope management, especially those aspects of terminology, considerations in the care of rope, methods of coiling ropes, when to use each coil, the types of knots used, and the classification of knots. This lesson relates to all installations and climbing performed here at MWTC.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Have students read learning objectives.

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