Introduce Learning Objectives

a. TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE. In a summer mountainous environment, conduct military aid climbing, in accordance with the references.

4. METHOD/MEDIA. The material in this lesson will be presented by lecture and demonstration method. You will practice what you have learned in upcoming field training exercises. Those of you with IRF's please fill them out at the end of this period of instruction.

5. EVALUATION. This period of instruction is a lesson purpose class.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the purpose or how the class will be taught? Before discussing how to military aid climb, we will talk about what aid climbing actually is.

1. (5 Min) INTRODUCTION TO AID CLIMBING. A free climber depends entirely on his footwork, ability, skills and physical strength to move up the rock face. The equipment used while free climbing is for safety; i.e., protection. Equipment is not used to ascend the rock directly. If you were to place a piece of pro and hang on it, or use it to reach a higher hold, you would not be free climbing in the "pure" sense of the word. Any use of equipment to directly ascend a rock face is called aid.

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