Training for Rock Climbing

Training for Rock Climbing

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a. SML - You will be tested by a written exam.

b. ACC - You will be tested by a written exam.

c. SMO - You will be tested by an oral exam.

TRANSITION: Does anyone have any questions on the purpose, learning objectives, how the class will be taught, and how you will be evaluated? We will begin by discussing the ropes used in the MAC kit.

1. (10 Min) ROPES. All ropes used in the military must meet UIAA standards or U. S. Federal Test Standard 191A. Most ropes have a 5-year shelf life and maximum 2-year service life.

a. Static. Black in color.

(1) Construction. Kernmantle

(2) Minimum tensile strength. 7500 lbs.

(3) Maximum elongation. 1.5%

(4) Diameter. 11mm

(6) Usage. Rescue operations and bridging where a low amount of elongation is desirable under a working load.

b. Dynamic. Olive Drab in color.

(1) Construction. Water-resistant treated Kernmantle to reduce friction.

(2) Minimum tensile strength. 6500 lbs.

(3) Maximum elongation. 6%

(4) Diameter. 10.5mm and 11mm

(6) Usage. For lead climbing/party climbing.

c. Maxim Dry Rope. Olive Drab or Multi-Colored.

(1) Construction. Water-repellent treated Kernmantle.

(2) Minimum tensile strength. 3472 lbs.

(3) Maximum elongation. 6%

(4) Diameter. 9mm

(6) Usage. For glacier travel/ice climbing d. Gold Line II.

(1) Construction. Eight strand braided nylon plymor.

(2) Minimum tensile strength. 4500 lbs.

(3) Maximum elongation. 20%

(6) Usage. Sling Ropes and litters only.

Three strand twisted or laid rape.

Static, kernmantle rope showing core (kern) and sheath (mantle).

Dynamic, kerninantle rope used for rock climbing.

Dynamic, kerninantle rope used for rock climbing.

Double braid rope showing the braided sheath and braided core.


NOTE: Sling ropes are made from 15 foot lengths of plymor or dynamic rope ONLY. Twenty-five foot practice coils should be constructed with static rope, but dynamic rope can be used.


a. Advantages of Nylon Rope

(1) High strength to weight ratio.

(2) Good energy absorption in dynamic ropes.

(4) Rot resistant, not affected by frost.

b. Disadvantages of Nylon Rope

(1) Low melting point. Nylon fuses at 400°F and melts at 480°F.

(2) Susceptible to abrasions and cuts.

(3) Affected by chemicals and light.

c. Advantages of Manila Rope

(1) Easily gripped.

(2) Hard wearing.

(3) Does not deteriorate in heat.

d. Disadvantages of Manila Rode

(1) Heavy, kinks, especially when wet. Absorbs water and swells.

(3) Edible by rodents.

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