a MLC - You will be evaluated later in this course by written and performance examination.

b ACC - You will be tested later in the course by written on this period of instruction and by performance evaluations during the cliff assault.

Q SMO - You will be tested by a verbal examination and also by a practical application method.

TRANSITION: Are there any questions over the purpose, learning objectives, how the class will be taught, or how you will be evaluated? We will start by discussing the A-frame.

Q (15 Min) A-FRAME. Natural objects such as trees, bushes and boulders can be utilized to gain height in a rope installation. There are different artificial devices that can be used for the same purpose, one example being the A-Frame.

Definition. An A-Frame is an artificial device used to gain height in a rope installation. Although an A-Frame can be used with various types of rope installations its most common use is in conjunction with a vertical hauling line.

9 Materials. The materials required for construction of an A-Frame are:

depending on the diameter of the poles and the length of the sling ropes being used. Q Nomenclature.

Apex. The point near the top of the A-Frame where the poles cross each other.

^^Butt ends. The bottom ends of the poles used in construction of the A-Frame. The butt end is larger in diameter than the end at the apex.

TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed what an A-Frame is, are there any questions? Now we are ready to learn how to actually construct an A-frame.

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