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a. The climber should climb with his body in balance by keeping his weight centered over and between his feet. Don't hug the rock. Don't over extend and become "spread-eagled". While climbing, keep in mind the acronym "CASHWORTH" for proper body position and movement.

C - Conserve energy.

A - Always test holds.

S - Stand upright, on flexed joints.

H - Hands kept low; handholds should be waist to shoulder high. W - Watch your feet. O - On three points of contact. R - Rhythmic movement. T - Think ahead.

H - Heels kept low, lower than the toes.

TRANSITION: Now that we have covered cashworth, are there any questions? Following these principles will aid you in a less tiring and stressful climb. Above all remain calm. If there are no questions for me, then I have some for you.

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