Years Of American Rock

Since May 1970, Climbing has covered the vertical world. Here, a look back (with a few twists) at four decades of ascents, climbers, and ideas that shaped the flow of American rock climbing and made it what it is today. By the Editors

THIS PAGE Sarah Hueniken floats Rubicon (5.10d) under a mondo moon, Joshua Tree National Park, California PHOTO: Andrew Burr


Heidi Wirtz has always been bold on challenging rock. But after an eye-opening expedition to Pakistan, she's taking on a new challenge: funding the education of young women in central Asia. By Chris Weidner

Photos by Topher Donahue, Keith Ladzinski, Ceiin Serbo BUOUX

At one time, this sunny limestone super-crag was at the center of the climbing world; today, it's fallen from the limelight. But that doesn't mean Buoux isn't still world-class. Come see for yourself...

Words and photos by Jim Thornburg

COVER: Heidi Wirtz climbing Bullet the Blue Sky (S.12d), a Penitente Canyon classic dubbed one of the most beautiful lines in Colorado. PHOTO: Keith Ladzinski

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