Topher Donahue, Craig DeMartino, Tom Slater, and Beth Wald 12 EDITORIAL

Forty years of Climbing Magazine 14 LETTERS 18 JUST OUT

Celebrate the thaw with sweet new schwag 20 HOT FLASHES

Daniel Woods gives us the lowdown on America's first V16; more... 22 THE HAULBAG

A hairball belay sesh on the Bachar-Yerian; a Washington artist turns rocky vistas into wooden works; Overheard; more... 24 OFF THE WALL


Colin Goodey and the great slate debate 28 TEN THINGS...

Climbing fiction 30 SPORTING LIFE

Daddy Loves You!: A day in the life of America's most heinous cragging couple 32 ROADKILL

Cruel Summer: life and death on Werk Supp 34 SUSTAINED

New Yor!< state budget crisis threatens climbing access

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