Pronunciation: \i-'mo-shen\ noun, Middle French, from emouvoir to stir up, from Old French esmovoir, from Latin emovere, e- + movere ... to move

Berta Martin enjoys a momentary lapse of squeezin' on her way to sending Espiritu Rebel (8b, 5.13d), Rodellar, Spain

Photo Annual 2010 • Climbing.com 65

Covolo Climbing

Daniel Dulac finds the no-hands rest on his route El Encuentro (5.13b), Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

UPPER RIGHT: Lisa Rands gets all monkey with the crux of Minky (V8) Rocklands, South Africa

LOWER RIGHT: Precision plus raw power equals first ascent; Daniel Woods demonstrates the Magic Touch (V13), Moe's Valley, Utah.

FACING PAGE: Onsight and focused, Ines Papert works the flare on Castleton Tower's North Face (5.11), Castle Valley, Utah.

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A Humboldt Haze surrounds

Spencer McCrosky on the

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Phalanx of Will, Arizona.


clears the flash-flood zone

on the first ascent of Walking

on Water (5.13-), deep in the

Narrows of Zion National

Park, Utah.

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I LOVE MANY THINGS ABOUT LIFE, including photography, geology, and climbing (not necessarily in that order). The world of rock climbing is an endless array of aesthetic mountains, cliffs, and pebbles. Within this array are many forms and lines. There are parallel water streaks, horizontal bedding or layering of sediments, vertical cracks, and fissures. Even symmetrical plants. Stripes. They fill my blank canvas.

Stone Vertical Fissure

LEFT: From the over-loved crimpers of Arco to the blocky teeth of the Dolomites, Italy is blessed with rock. Numerous crags hide in the steep, wooded valleys south of the Alps, such as this tidal-wave wall above the village of Covolo. Cody Roth climbs between the lines.

MIDDLE: The Gold Coast is the Motherload of Red River Gorge stripes, and Kyle Roseborrough is the Golden Boy (5.13b).

RIGHT: Stripes in 3-D. Jason McNabb does it right on Real Roxanne (5.13-), a lost and forgotten Todd Skinner route that climbs an amazing rib of crystalline granite in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

TOP: The sands of this ancient desert have seen many better writers than I, but who wrote the lines in this open book? Zac Robinson on Catfish Corner (5.11), Jordan. BOTTOM: Zion National Park has a vast backcountry including slot canyons and secret grottos, some with panels of delightful stone with steep huecos and dark streaks. Christine Balaz grabs a human-sized pocket on Half-Route (5.10d), Kolob Canyon.

TOP: Say "Utah sandstone" and most of us think of the soaring cliffs of Wingate, broken by the thin and strenuous black stripes known as splitter cracks. However, deep in the canyons of the La Sal Mountains, conditions are right for all kinds of stripes. Sonnie Trotter dresses the part on Aesthetics (5.13c), Mill Creek. BOTTOM: Spain is blue and orange limestone and wonderful clean, beautiful water streaks. They seem to be everywhere. Peter Vintoniv on Anabólica (5.13b), Siurana.





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TOP: Sheeted over by running water most of the year, Squamish granite has surprisingly little permanent water streaking. Though the odds are against this kind of pattern, Evan Stevens makes it Even Steven (5.10c), Petrifying Wall, British Columbia.

BOTTOM: Red Rocks, Nevada, has huge sandstone formations with stripes on a macro scale that are difficult to photograph with a climber in context. Still, there was this yucca lurking about when Chris Van Leuven dashed up Running Man (5.11d).

Andrew Burr is one of the most prolific outdoor adventure photographers today, and we are proud to have him as our Senior Contributing Photographer. To see more of his work, visit andrewburr.com

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