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Tattoo of the Month

Ice Climbing Tattoo

Here is my pink Tricam tat. I've had it for about two years now. It has started many, many conversations about climbing, with climbers and non-climbers alike. To me, it represents both the complexity and the simplicity of climbing. The Tricam is such a simple little piece, but it takes a lot of skill and practice to use - just like climbing. Anyone can climb, but to do it well and safely, you need to practice. Kris Peterson; via e-mail

Tattoo of the Month

The conversation piece that decorates Kris Peterson's arm wins him a pink-Tricam-friendly METOLIUS CLIMBING SAFE TECH DELUXE HARNESS

(metoliusclimbing.com). Thanks to the boldness of his body decoration and willingness to lay it all out there, this updated, all-around harness will be his. The Safe Tech Deluxe rocks an adjustable rise, adjustable waist, and adjustable leg loops. All the structural systems are redundant and as error-proof as possible while maintaining a sleek design and a light weight.


• In Chris Van Leuven's piece on the Bachar-Yerian [Off the Wall, No. 285] in the Six Serious Falls sidebar, the author whipped on pitch three, not pitch two.

• In the feature "40 Years of American Rock" [No. 285], p.44, the photo of Ron Kauk on his classic Yosemite problem, Midnight Lightning, was taken by Heinz Zak.

• In the photo of Melissa Love on Humanoids in the Buoux feature [No. 285], p.64, the YDS grade for 6c+ should read 5.11c, not 5.13c.

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