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Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your Glute glutes is a program designed to help the users in the reduction of belly fat. The users would only follow this program for four weeks- fifteen minutes two times a week and the program was slated to work for 4 weeks. Its main aim is to help in strengthening the users' glutes, which are the combination of muscles that strengthen the body and aid movements as well as in dealing with the weakness of the body and the frustration that comes with getting butts. The program was not created to be a quick fix. In fact, like different programs, it is tasking but not time-consuming. It affords the users to choose between carrying out their exercises in the house or at the gym. The exercises meant to be used have been explained in the book formats, the manual for the users to understand and choose the ones they are capable of doing before they proceed to follow the instructions given in the videos. In other words, the program comes in the format of a manual and videos that will help the users achieve their goal. More so, the videos are not merely videos for strengthening glutes, there are some others for strengthening your legs. Read more...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Brian Klepacki
Official Website: www.unlockmyglutes.com
Price: $26.00

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The very first point I want to make certain that Unlock Your Glutes definitely offers the greatest results.

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Booty Type Training Program

The booty type training program aims at helping women acquire great butt shapes of their choice and step out of the house with full confidence in drawing all the men's' attention. The creator of this program goes by the name of Jessica Gouthro, but many of her clients have nicknamed her America's booty type coach. Through this program, Jessica has managed to help many women achieve their body shaping movements and also improve their backside. This program will help you learn a lot including the best workouts to perform and the best diet to observe to maintain permanent butt shape of choice. Jessica has put in place 60-day certificate of total money refund guarantee to any member who feels unhappy with this program which means that this program is risk-free and worth joining. Based on the many benefits associated with this booty type training program, I highly recommend it to every woman who wants to start the journey of having a sexy butt shape and experience how men always knock on her door. Read more...

Booty Type Training Program Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Jessica Gouthro
Official Website: bootytypetraining.com
Price: $17.00

Bigger Better Butt

The Bigger Butt Program is a program designed to use some unexpected exercises to get a firmer and round butt. The program will not only help the users to build a firmer butt, but it will also give them hints on how to make it remain firmly so.As with any workout program, results are directly related to how closely the users follow the program. This program is no different, the better the users follow it, the more likely they are to benefit from typical results. If followed, in 60 days the users should see typical results, with less time spent working out than most other programs out there.The methods employed in this products are natural ones that have been proven by many specialists. The system comes with bonus E-books- '7 Tactics To Eat What You Want And Still Lose Weight '(The Key To Eating What You Want While Maintaining A Great Shape) and '6 Simple Diet Changes for Dramatic Weight Loss (How To Eat The Right Food For Weight Loss).You will have a chance to use the different versions of the program. It comes in EBook format and an online video format. The EBook will give you the mental preparation needed to make it work perfectly. While the video will be your guide. And the program has been created at a very affordable price. Read more...

Bigger Better Butt Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Steve Adams
Official Website: www.biggerbetterbutt.com
Price: $4.95

30/30 Bubble Butt

Shawna Kaminski wrote this very involving and highly effective product. She conducted a very detailed research about the best foods and exercises for a bubble butt. Her product was aimed at bringing more confidence in your sexy, lean and form butt.She made sure you have a well detailed program that will inform you which is the best time to have exercises and how you will make use of those exercises for effectiveness. The program is split into two stages with each of the stages helping you lose a significant amount of fat and eventually get a desirable butt shape. Upon purchasing the product, you will get: Detailed workout plan, exercise videos and Nutrition plans to ensure the whole process is a success. 30/30 Bubble Butt program is available in PDF formats and video formats. This means you can download it any time and carry it whenever you are. Read more...

3030 Bubble Butt Summary

Contents: Ebooks, Videos
Author: Shawna Kaminski
Official Website: 3030bubblebutt.com
Price: $59.00

Do not drop from good handholds to a standing position A bad landing could lead to injured ankles or a fall beyond the

(d) On steeper slab, the climber will normally face the rock and down climb, using the same smearing technique as for ascending. An alternate method for descending slab is to face away from the rock in a crab position (Figure 6-18). Weight is still concentrated over the feet, but may be shifted partly onto the hands to increase overall friction. The climber is able to maintain full sole contact with the rock and see the entire descent route. Allowing the buttocks to drag behind on the rock will decrease the actual weight on the footholds, reducing friction, and leading to the likelihood of a slip. Facing the rock, and down-climbing with good smearing technique, is usually best on steeper slab.

Slab Climbing

Remember to flex the ankle (lowering the heel) and keep weight directly over the ball of the foot for maximum friction between rock and sole. Avoid leaning into the slope with your body, which pushes your feet away from the rock. Instead, keep weight over the feet, bending at the waist to allow your hands to touch the rock, and pushing hips and buttocks away.


Mountaineering Soldier

The soldier lies on top of the rope with the upstream foot hooked on the rope and the knee bent close to the buttocks the downstream leg hangs straight to maintain balance. He progresses by pulling with his hands and arms. To recover if he falls over, the soldier hooks one leg and the opposite arm over the rope, and then pushes down with the other hand to regain position.

Types Of Rappels

Figure Climbing

The rappeller faces the anchor point and straddles the rope. He then pulls the rope from behind, and runs it around either hip, diagonally across the chest, and back over the opposite shoulder. From there, the rope runs to the brake hand, which is on the same side of the hip that the rope crosses (for example, the right hip to the left shoulder to the right hand). The rappeller leads with the brake hand down and faces slightly sideways. The foot corresponding to the brake hand precedes the guide hand at all times. The rappeller keeps the guide hand on the rope above him to guide himself--not to brake himself. He must lean out at a sharp angle to the rock. He keeps his legs spread well apart and relatively straight for lateral stability, and his back straight to reduce friction. The BDU collar is turned up to prevent rope burns on the neck. Gloves are worn, and other clothing may be used to pad the shoulders and buttocks. To brake, the rappeller leans back...

Munter Hitch Caution

Kho Kho Clip Art

The sitting body belay is the preferred position and is usually the most secure (Figure 6-22). The belayer sits facing the direction where the force of a fall will likely come from, using terrain to his advantage, and attempts to brace both feet against the rock to support his position. It is best to sit in a slight depression, placing the buttocks lower than the feet, and straightening the legs for maximum support. When perfectly aligned, the rope running to the climber will pass between the belayer's feet, and both legs will equally absorb the force of a fall. Sometimes, the belayer may not be able to sit facing the direction he would like, or both feet cannot be braced well. The leg on the guide hand side should then point towards the load, bracing the foot on the rock when possible. The belayer can also straddle a large tree or rock nubbin for support, as long as the object is solid enough to sustain the possible load. (a) For a body belay to work...

Climbing Extreme he

Plant both hand tools comfortably high and far enough apart so that there is no danger of fracturing out the ice between them. Now, hanging straight-armed from the tools and letting the wrist loops do their intended job of holding the heel of the hand so as to allow a light grip on the shafts, walk your feet up the ice until you are in a mild crouch. Since your buttocks are away from the ice in this position, your weight will be pushing your frontpoints into the ice rather than applying a shear force.


Glissading is the intentional, controlled, rapid descent, or slide of a mountaineer down a steep slope covered with snow (Figure 10-15, page 10-14). Glissading is similar to skiing, except skis are not used. The same balance and control are necessary, but instead of skis the soles of the feet or the buttocks are used. The only piece of equipment required is the standard ice ax, which serves as the rudder, brake, and guide for the glissade. The two basic methods of glissading are

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