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The VIP survival academy is a must join for you and your loved ones. The program was designed to equip you and your loved ones with the necessary skills you need to survive in any situation you find yourself in.Nobody prays for a bad situation, but it does and can happen to just about anyone, situations like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or even as basic as getting lost in the woods.It might sound a little dramatic, but you can never be over prepared. In this academy, you will learn how to the basic tools to survive, how to defend yourself against life-threatening attacks, and all you need to know about survival.You also get freebies when you sign up, such as the high-grade Evatec assault bag, worth over $79. You can get survival tools as a product tester and also a 50% discount on any purchase you make on apesurvival.com.The best news you can hear about this offer is you get access to all these for FREE! Simply sign up and fill out some details, and you get 14 days of unrestricted access to the VIP survival academy. Read more...

Evatec Assault Bag Summary

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Contents: Free Backpack
Creator: VIP Survival Academy
Price: $15.00

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Snow And Ice Anchors

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Ice and snow anchors consist of snow pickets, flukes, deadman-type anchors, ice screws, and ice pitons. Deadman anchors can be constructed from snowshoes, skis, backpacks, sleds, or any large items. (3) Whenever the strength of the snow anchor is suspect, especially when a picket or ax cannot be driven in all the way, the anchor may be buried in the snow and used as a dead man anchor. Other items suitable for dead man anchor construction are backpacks, skis, snowshoes, ski poles, or any other item large enough or shaped correctly to achieve the design. A similar anchor, sometimes referred to as a dead guy, can be made with a large sack either stuffed with noncompressible items or filled with snow and buried. Ensure the attaching point is accessible before burying. The direction of pull on long items, such as a picket or ax, should be at a right angle to its length. The construction is identical to that of the dead man anchor used in earth.